UC: Undercover

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UC: Undercover
UC: Undercover Cast
Format Action, crime
Created by Shane Salerno
Don Winslow
Starring Oded Fehr
Jon Seda
Vera Farmiga
Bruklin Harris
Jarrad Paul
William Forsythe
Composer(s) David Arnold
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Running time 60 minutes
Original channel NBC
Original run September 30, 2001 (2001-09-30) – March 23, 2002 (2002-03-23)

UC: Undercover is an action-thriller television series that focuses on the secret lives and private demons of an elite Justice Department crime-fighting unit that confronts the country’s deadliest, most untouchable lawbreakers by going undercover to bust them. The series was broadcast from 2001 to 2002.

The stories were written by Shane Salerno. James Bond composer David Arnold wrote the main title theme and scored the pilot episode.[1] Salerno said the show would be a "very music driven series."[2] UC: Undercover was a production of NBC Studios in association with Jersey Films, Chasing Time Pictures, Regency Television, and 20th Century Fox Television. Its short but popular run ended when it was canceled by the network.

The show developed a passionate following overseas and continues to run on FX International.[3]



The unit is headed by authoritative Frank Donovan (Oded Fehr), with undercover agents Jake Shaw (Jon Seda) and Alex Cross (Vera Farmiga), psychological profiler Monica Davis (Bruklin Harris), and young techno-wizard Cody (Jarrad Paul), who runs all of the high-tech surveillance operations.

As a federal team, the group responds to emergencies all over the country: taking down elite bank robbers, drug kingpins, domestic terrorists, spies, jewel thieves, and corrupt cops. The drama’s character-driven storylines emphasize the taut, cat-and-mouse game played by the undercover agents as they attempt to infiltrate the lives of a gallery of criminals, including murderous master thief Jack “Sonny” Walker (William Forsythe) and imprisoned drug lord Carlos Cortez (Steven Bauer, in a recurring role).

The series also explores the psychological toll undercover work takes on the agents who play this deadly game of false identities and who commit treachery as a daily profession for the greater good.

The team often butts heads with Paul Bloom (Brian Markinson), their obstructive and fiercely ambitious Justice Department boss.


The New York Times called it a "fast paced, good-looking series"[4] and Variety wrote that series lead Oded Fehr is a "commanding and interesting addition to television."[5] Variety added that "technical credits are comparable to theatrical quality" which led the series winning awards for cinematography and sound. The show received a high 7.3 out of 10 from viewers on TV.Com.[6] USA Today's Robert Bianco gave it one star and said it was "Pretentious, incoherent and so visually hyper it borders on nauseating."[7]

Episode list[edit]

  1. Life on the Wire
  2. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
  3. Of Fathers and Sons
  4. Once Upon a Time...in the Hood
  5. Honor Among Thieves
  6. Nobody Rides for Free (a.k.a. Blowback)
  7. City on Fire (a.k.a. Crash)
  8. The Siege (a.k.a. Prison Riot)
  9. Zero Option
  10. Hunting Armando
  11. Teddy C
  12. Manhunt
  13. The Sins of Sonny Walker


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