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UFC 11: The Proving Ground
A poster or logo for UFC 11: The Proving Ground.
Promotion Ultimate Fighting Championship
Date September 20, 1996
Venue Augusta Civic Center
City Augusta, Georgia
Attendance 4,500
Buyrate 92,000
Event chronology
UFC 10: The Tournament UFC 11: The Proving Ground Ultimate Ultimate 1996

UFC 11: The Proving Ground was a mixed martial arts event held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship on September 20, 1996, at the Augusta Civic Center in Augusta, Georgia. The event was broadcast live on pay-per-view in the United States, and later released on home video.


The card featured an eight-man tournament, as well as two alternate bouts in case of an injury, and to fill time for the pay-per-view broadcast. Due to multiple injuries and fatigue, no alternates were able to continue after their semifinal matches. Roberto Travern had a broken hand after his alternate match and the championship was won by forfeit. Rich Goins returned as the ring announcer.


Weight class Method Round Time Notes
Mark Coleman [a]
Mark Coleman def. Brian Johnston Submission (strikes) 2:20
Scott Ferrozzo def. Tank Abbott Unanimous decision 18:00 [b]
Mark Coleman def. Julian Sanchez Submission (choke) 0:45
Brian Johnston def. Reza Nasri TKO (strikes) 0:28
Tank Abbott def. Sam Adkins Submission (forearm choke) 2:06
Jerry Bohlander def. Fabio Gurgel Unanimous decision 15:00
Alternate bouts
Scott Ferrozzo def. Sam Fulton Submission (strikes) 1:45
Roberto Traven def. Dave Berry Submission (strikes) 1:23 [c]
  1. ^ With Scott Ferrozzo injured, and all alternates injured or unable to continue, Mark Coleman wins the UFC 11 Tournament by default.
  2. ^ Ferrozzo replaced Bohlander, who was unable to continue in the tournament. Due to fatigue and a cut above his eye, Ferrozzo was unable to continue in the tournament.
  3. ^ Traven was injured, and unable to continue as an alternate for the tournament.

UFC 11 bracket[edit]

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
Mark Coleman SUB
Julian Sanchez 0:45
Mark Coleman SUB
Brian Johnston 2:20
Brian Johnston TKO
Reza Nasri 0:28
Mark Coleman 2 FORFEIT
Scott Ferrozzo N/A
Tank Abbott SUB
Sam Adkins 2:06
Tank Abbott DEC
Scott Ferrozzo 1 18:00
Jerry Bohlander DEC
Fabio Gurgel 15:00

1Jerry Bohlander withdrew due to injury. He was replaced by Scott Ferrozzo.
2 Scott Ferrozzo was unable to continue due to exhaustion, making Mark Coleman winner by forfeit.

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