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This is a list of alleged sightings of unidentified flying objects or UFOs in India.

Purported UFO ufo sighted in Beed town in maharashtra


  • On 15 March at 10,20 a.m. in New Delhi 25 members of a flying club saw a cigar-shaped object in the sky which was long as about one hundred foot. The UFO hovered and then vanished from sight.[1]


  • On 15 September a flying saucer was seen in the afternoon by about 800 people in three villages (Kadori, Borsa and Mangalda) in Manbhum district of Bihar. Mr Ijapada Chatterjee, manager of a mica mine, told The Times of India that the UFO was about 12 feet in diameter and grey in colour. The object descended to an altitude of about 500 feet, hovered for a few minutes and then soared upwards at an incredible speed, causing a tremendous blow of wind.[2]

1991 Stop Fooling Indians[edit]

  • Two witnesses Mr.Nikhil and Mr.Sabu confirmed and reported a UFO sighting in Chennai, India- the sighting lasted 45 minutes from 9.30 pm till 10.15 pm on 11 October 1991 starting with the descent of a huge gigantic Oval shaped object that hovered slowly and descended to approximately 500 feet above ground, the object was dark with bronze / gold edging under some sort of intermittent cloaking device. presumably since it was damaged or malfunctioning . it was very large about the size of 2 city blocks, or 1-2 kilometers long, due to it's proximity to the ground several alien shadows could be seen through the band of windows in the center of the object. these aliens with thin human like elongated bodies and long arms were quickly moving about suggesting an emergency, the spaceship tumbled for a few seconds until it righted itself, gained height and then vanished into the upper sky at astonishing speed.
  • Shortly thereafter within a second, two long cylinder like objects about the size of a jumbo jet each, black in color with red exhausts about 100 meters with a sharp pencil like silhouette appeared and were hunting for the large ship for about 10 minutes in the area going back and forth in a patrolling like pattern, independent of each other, criss crossing the area where the ship was before. These UFOs then left the area in the same way vanishing at extreme speed as the large spaceship. several air force military aircraft then arrived in a few seconds after the departure of all the UFO's. this confirms that the UFO's had registered on the defense radars and that a response was sent to intercept the UFO's. The military aircraft remained on the scene for a very long time about 15 minutes - the whole time-line from first sighting to departure of military jets was 45 minutes. the sighting was reported to the local newspaper the Hindu but was not investigated, both witnesses sketched the same drawings to confirm that they had seen the same objects.

2006 Fake Data[edit]

  • November 28 at Ellora Caves, Aurangabad District, Maharashtra State around morning 10:46:46 AM, Satyam Tallapalli K. and Vijay Gujarathi A. had witnessed a huge UFO above the caves of Ellora and vanished within seconds. He took his mobile phone and immediately captured a picture.


  • October 29 Early morning Eastern Kolkata, a fast moving object was spotted at 30° in the eastern horizon between 3.30 AM and 6.30 AM and personally filmed using a handycam. It's shape shifted from a sphere to a triangle and then to a straight line. The object emitted a bright light forming a halo and radiated a range of colours. It was spotted by many people and hundreds gathered along the E.M. Bypass to catch a glimpse of the UFO, triggering a frenzy. The video footage was released on a TV News channel and later shown to Dr. D P Duari, the director of MP Birla Planetarium, Kolkata, who found it to be "extremely interesting and strange".[3][4][5]

2014 All Fake Data (No Proof)[edit]

  • In Kolhapur date - 6 April 2014 two boys spotted a cigar shaped UFO. On the second day they spotted a red colored UFO. On 16 April 2014 evening,near Bokaro the same cigar shaped UFO hovered over a mile above the ground with blinking super bright white light and vanished in less than a second.
  • On 20 July 2014 one of the boy in Kolhapur saw a big hole in the sky which was neither the clouds nor the sun. There was just a bright white hole. Again on 21 July 2014 one of the boy in Kolhapur spotted a UFO.
  • In Muzaffarnagar date 22 July 2014 & 23 July 2014 in a village & in city four UFOs had been seen scattered white light in dense cloud at 10:30 pm in night they were move in a zig zag motion. This news was also published in local news paper.[citation needed]
  • On 28th July, some people in Amritsar saw 4 lights very close to the surface and it moved extremely fast instantly and went away. Many people saw it but no evidence of a picture as it happened hurriedly on the Amritsar GT Road Highway.


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