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British Hindus
Total population
817,000 (2011)[1]
1.5% of the Population
Regions with significant populations
Indian Languages
Nepali Languages

Hinduism has been in the United Kingdom since the early 19th century. According to 2011 Census of England and Wales, 817,000 residents (1.5%) identified themselves as Hindus.[1] Hindus were the fourth largest religious group in the 2011 Census of the United Kingdom.[1]

British Hindus[edit]

Religion in England and Wales[1]
Religion Percent
No Religion
Others, Not stated

The British Hindu population includes those who came directly from the Indian sub-continent, descendants of those Hindus who had originally migrated to other countries but later resettled in the United Kingdom, and those born and raised in the UK. It is not unusual to find third or fourth generation Hindus in the UK.

There have been three waves of migration of Hindus in the UK.[citation needed] The first wave was before India's independence in 1947. In the early 1960s the Conservative Health Minister the Rt Hon Enoch Powell recruited a large number of doctors from the Indian sub-continent. The second wave occurred in the 1970s mainly from East Africa.[citation needed] The later communities included those from Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Mauritius and Fiji. The last wave of migration began in the 1990s and included Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka and professionals including doctors and software engineers from India.

In terms of relative numbers of South Asian descendants in England and Wales, the Hindu population of 817,000 is the second largest group, as per table above.[2]


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Hinduism was the religion of 558,342 people in the United Kingdom according to the 2001 census,[3] and 817,000 people according to 2011 census.[1]

Another estimate in a British newspaper in 2007 has put the figure as high as 1.5 Million.[4] According to the 2011 census, 816,633 Hindus live in England and Wales with the figure for Scotland yet to be released. Most Hindus in the UK live in England, with half living in London alone,[5] but small communities also exist in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Temples and Organisations[edit]

The largest Hindu temple of England, in northwest London.

UK-wide Hindu organisations include the National Council of Hindu Temples UK, the oldest UK-wide Hindu organisation comprising over 300 Hindu Temples and Hindu Faith Organisations,[6] The Hindu Council UK representing almost 400 affiliated cultural and religious organisations of various Hindu denominations including temples,[7] and The Hindu Forum of Britain, with nearly 300 member organisations.[8]

There are over 150 Hindu Temples in the UK [9] with 30 Temples in the London area.[10] Slough Hindu Temple was built by the Slough Hindu Cultural Society - formally opened in 1981 - it was the first purpose-built Hindu Temple in the British Isles. However, the first Hindu Temple in the UK was opened in the late 1920s near Earls Court in London and it was functional for about four years.[11]

Some of the most notable Hindu-based organisations in the UK include the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), Swaminarayan (BAPS) in Neasden (Greater London), the Chinmaya Mission, Ramakrishna Mission and Sai Organisation, each having large followings. SHYAM, an educational Hindu organisation teaches the Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Shrimad Bhagavad, Vedas and Upanishads.[12]

For details of Hinduism in each country of the United Kingdom, see:

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