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The UK National Inventory of War Memorials (UKNIWM) was founded in 1989 to build a comprehensive record of every war memorial in the United Kingdom (including England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland). Plus the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

Memorial to Lt J Manners, Clovelly, Devon. UKNIWM Ref: 25898

Based at the Imperial War Museum in London, the project has so far recorded around 60,000 war memorials. This work has largely been carried out by a nation-wide group of volunteer fieldworkers. Details of over 55,000 memorials are available on the online database. Further information is stored in a paper archive.

Details collected include: description, photographs, inscription, location, materials, craftsmen and architects, details of unveiling ceremonies, any repairs or alterations, references and further information about those commemorated.

War memorials are defined as any physical object erected to commemorate both those killed in, or as a result of war, and those who served and returned alive. This includes memorials to civilian casualties and animals. While most memorials commemorate the First World War and Second World War, all conflicts are covered, from the Roman Occupation of Britain to current day actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The UKNIWM works to promote the appreciation, use and preservation of war memorials.

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