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The UK OPEN Scrabble Tournament (referred to in Snowman Scrabble) was created in 2008


The five day tournament has been held every year since 2008. The prize pool was £13,000 in 2011 and has become the largest Scrabble tournament in Europe.[1]  Players from as far away as Australia, Nigeria, and the United States have participated with each player required to play 48 games.  The tournament has revolutionized UK Scrabble.

Founder and organiser Len Moir said:

 "There are people from around the globe. It’s one week, a great prize fund and 48 games –  Coventry was chosen because it’s the centre of England and it has great air links. With Birmingham Airport nearby"[1]

The number one Scrabble player in the world, Nigel Richards from New Zealand attended the 2012 tournament held at the Quality Hotel in Allesley.  The tournament had previously been held at The Aston Court Hotel on Holyhead Road.

Previous Winners[edit]

Grand prize winners of the UK Open Scrabble Tournament

Tournament Date Location Prize Fund Winner
2014 Coventry >£8,000 Nigel Richards (6)
2013 Coventry >£8,000 Nigel Richards (5)
2012 Coventry >£8,000 Nigel Richards (4)
2011 Coventry >£8,000 Nigel Richards (3)
2010 Coventry >£8,000 Nigel Richards (2)
January 5–9, 2009 Coventry >£8,000 Helen Gipson[2]
January 7–11, 2008 Coventry >£8,000 Nigel Richards (1)[3]


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