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Note: although these are UK terms, those marked * are also used in the US. For instance there is a 'Shambles' in Chicago.

A charitable home for those in need. *
A defense work projecting from the line of a curtain wall in a fortification, particularly one designed for mounting artillery. It provides enfilading cover and is designed for its faces to be themselves enfiladed.
The limits of a plot of land such as a parish or the premises of a College.
Cathedral Close 
An enclosure pertaining to a cathedral in which such as staff housing and maintenance facilities are sited.
Fortress, Keep.
Fancy stonework on buildings.
As well as being a tombstone, a cross may also be an octagonal monument in the middle of a square.
A society of a particular trade.
Stone forming the top of an arch. *
Livery Companies 
Similar to guild.
Masonic Lodge 
A meeting place for, or formerly for Freemasons. *
Formerly of that purpose. (i.e. The Old School House).
Plaza, Piazza 
A square formed with buildings of continental appearance (from the Spanish and Italian versions of square). *
District of a town (usually where a particular minority live or a particular trade is carried out).
Abattoir/slaughterhouse. A road containing such a building. *
Alley (Scottish).

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