UMass Memorial Health Care

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UMass Memorial Health Care
Location Central Massachusetts, Massachusetts, United States
Care system Public
Funding Non-profit hospital
Hospital type Community
Affiliated university University of Massachusetts Medical School
Emergency department Level I trauma center
Website UMass Memorial Health Care
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UMass Memorial Health Care (UMMHC) is a not-for-profit health care network affiliated with the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, Massachusetts, that operates 5 hospitals and a number of health clinics in the Central Massachusetts area. UMass Memorial Medical Center ranks number one in New England for surviving and treating a heart attack [1]



UMass Memorial Medical Center

UMass-Worcester Medical School Hospital

The UMass Memorial Medical Center is located in Worcester, MA at the University Campus on Lake Avenue North, Memorial Campus on Belmont St., and the Hahnemann Campus on Lincoln St. The UMass Memorial Children's Medical Center is located with the University Campus of the UMass Memorial Medical Center.

Community Hospitals

UMass Memorial Healthcare also operates four community hospitals that consist of Clinton Hospital in Clinton, MA, HealthAlliance Hospital in Leominster, MA, Marlborough Hospital in Marlborough, MA, and Wing Memorial Hospital in Palmer, MA.

UMass Memorial Medical Center logo
UMass Memorial Children's Medical Center logo


  • There are many clinics throughout the Worcester County area. They serve as clinics for primary care and family medicine.


The Caitlin Raymond International Registry, a nonprofit organization and a subsidiary of UMass Memorial Health Care Inc., became the target of criticism when it was discovered that the lab was billing the insurance of potential donors as much as $4336 per screening.[2][3] (Most labs charge about $112 for similar screening.[4]) CRIR has also been criticized for spending up to $60,000 a week to hire models with blue wigs and high heels to lure donors[5] and for paying its top executive, Joanne Raymond, over $200,000 in annual salary and benefits.[6] The registry reported revenues of over $5 million during the same period.[6] As a result of the investigation by the attorneys general of New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Be The Match, of Minneapolis, a national nonprofit operated by the National Marrow Donor Program (which has the world's largest listing of potential marrow donors), took over CRIR's bone marrow donor registry and rolled its 206,000 donors into its own registry, according to Be The Match's chief strategy officer, Michael Boo.[6]

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