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The United Nations Public Administration Network mission statement is to promote the sharing of knowledge, experiences and best practices throughout the world in sound public policies, effective public administration and efficient civil services, through capacity-building and cooperation among the United Nations Member States, with emphasis on south-south cooperation and UNPAN's commitment to integrity and excellence. It is organised by the UN Division for Public Administration, part of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs.


With communication technologies advancing at a tremendous rate, electronic information centres, online research organizations and specialized e-networks are becoming increasingly common and duplicative. UNPAN is different. Its substantive capacity and specialized service combine to create a uniqueness that sets UNPAN apart from conventional web-based information sources. The one feature that is most unusual about UNPAN is its universality as an online public sector policy and management information and knowledge network. UNPAN offers:

  • Access to regional experience in the practice of public policy development and management at the regional, national and local levels;
  • Capacity-building and south-south cooperation in information and knowledge management;
  • Ease of access to worldwide information in all areas of public sector policy and management;
  • Demand-driven and interactive two-way provider of information and knowledge network.

UNPAN is a dynamic process and not a static outcome which aims at responding to the needs of its users and addresses their most critical areas of work.

Core Themes[edit]

Governance systems and institutions
Public service and management innovation
Social and economic governance
Public financial management
Knowledge systems and e-government


Online information services
Online training services
Online advisory services
Online conference services
Online directory services

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