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United N-generation
Also known as UN
Genres R&B, pop, k-pop
Years active 2000–2005
Labels NH Planning,
Doremi Media,
Bay Entertainment
Members Choi Jung-won (최정원)
Kim Jeong-hoon (김정훈)

United N-generation (also known as UN) was a Korean musical group from South Korea under NH Media (then NH Planning). It consisted of two members: Choi Jung-won and Kim Jeong-hoon. They released 5 albums from 2000 to 2005. "For a Lifetime", a single from their first album, was their first significant hit.[citation needed]


In 1999, the two members, who are both from the top universities in Korea, formed UN but it wasn't until June 2000 that they released their first album.

In September 2005, 5 years after their debut and 5 albums later, their management agency, Laful Entertainment, announced that the duo would disband after the expiration of their contract.



  1. Voice Mail (2000-09-01)
  2. Traveling You (2001-07-11)
  3. Extreme Happiness (2002-11-14)
    • Sweet & Strong (Vol 3.5, 2003-08-21)
  4. Reunion (2004-06-29)
  5. Seventy Five Centimeter (2005-05-19)
  6. Good Bye & Best (Collection, 2006-01-26)


  • 어쩌면 (2004-07-01)


  • Special Album Music Video (2003-04-17)
  • Sweet & Strong (2005-07-21)


Year Award-Giving Body Category Work Result
2001 Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Male Group[1] "Pado" (파도) Nominated


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