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MTV News: Unfiltered was an MTV television show created by Steven Rosenbaum[1] in 1993. In the series viewers sent story ideas to MTV News producers about controversial events in the viewers' community that were not being covered by traditional news outlets.[1] Al Gore was apparently a fan of its Dogme 95-style approach, which can be seen through his help in founding the Current TV network, which operates on the same premise.[citation needed]

The Series premiered in 1994 and ran for 4 years on MTV.

The series was shot on Hi-8 video tape, and was the first show at MTV edited on Avid. It ran for four years on MTV, produced by BNN. Old clips can be seen on the Internet on various websites. MTV would choose stories and provide video cameras and tapes for the viewers to record and submit stories. MTV then edited the footage and prepared it for broadcast. It contained four to six stories per show.[citation needed]

It was originally hosted by Alison Stewart, and later by Serena Altschul. Rob Barnett produced the original Pilot (then known as MTV Interact) and Rob Fox was the supervising producer of the Series. Steven Rosenbaum and Dave Sirulnick Co-Executive Produced the Series. Betsy Forhan, Robin Turner, Dave Goldberg, Mona Eldaief, Bruce Mcdonald and Dina Kaplan were all segment producers.