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Mission type Infrared early warning
Operator United States Air Force
COSPAR ID 2011-019A
SATCAT № 37481
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft type SBIRS-GEO
Bus A2100M
Start of mission
Launch date 7 May 2011, 18:10 (2011-05-07UTC18:10Z) UTC[1]
Rocket Atlas V 401[2] AV-022[3]
Launch site Cape Canaveral SLC-41
Orbital parameters
Reference system Geocentric
Regime GEO

USA-230, also known as SBIRS-GEO 1, is an American military satellite and part of the Space-Based Infrared System. It was launched on May 7, 2011 from Cape Canaveral atop an Atlas V rocket.

The SBIRS satellites are a replacement for the Defense Support Program early warning system. They are intended to detect ICBM launches.

SBIRS-GEO 1 was manufactured by Lockheed Martin and is built upon the A2100M satellite bus.


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