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USA Climbing is the official governing body of climbing competitions in the United States, overseeing competition climbing in three disciplines: bouldering, sport climbing, and speed climbing. They are recognized by the International Federation for Sport Climbing.

Competition Structure[edit]

Youth Series[edit]

Youth climbers are subdivided into the Youth D (birthday in 2003 and later), Youth C (birthday in 2001-2002), Youth B (birthday in 1999-2000), Youth A (birthday in 1997-1998), and Junior (birthday in 1995-1996) age groups. Youth compete in the American Bouldering Series (ABS) in the fall, and the Sport Climbing Series (SCS), which encompasses both sport and speed climbing, in the spring.

The US is subdivided into 15 regions and 5 divisions. Climbers advance from Regional to Divisional to National and finally to International Championships. Anyone may compete in the Regional Championships, but in order to be eligible to advance further, a climber must have attended at least two local competitions, be a member of USA climbing, and place in the top seven at Regionals. Next, seven climbers from each division will advance to nationals. The top four climbers in each age group at Nationals are considered USA team, and Youth B and up are given the opportunity to compete at the Youth Continental and World Championships.

Collegiate Climbing Series (CCS)[edit]

College students may compete in the Collegiate Climbing Series (CCS).

Adult Series[edit]

Anyone 16 and older may choose to compete in the open category.

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