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USKOK (Croatian: Ured za suzbijanje korupcije i organiziranog kriminaliteta, English: Bureau for Combating Corruption and Organized Crime) is a body of the Croatian criminal justice system. USKOK is attached to the State Attorney office and specializes in investigations related to corruption and organized crime.

USKOK was formed in December 2001 and its headquarters are located in Zagreb.[1]

Since 2009, USKOK has a counterpart in the Criminal Police Directorate which has an (intentionally) very similar name - the Police National USKOK (Croatian: Policijski nacionalni USKOK), as well as in the judiciary - the Court Departments for Criminal Cases in the Jurisdiction of USKOK (Croatian: Sudski odjeli za postupanje u predmetima kaznenih djela iz nadležnosti USKOK-a).[2]

The bureau's name is a bacronym from "uskok", a term used for a type of Croatian militia men, who had fought against the Ottoman Empire between the early 16th and 17th century.


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