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USPID (Unione Scienziati per il Disarmo in Italian) is the Italian Union of Scientists for Disarmament, an association established in 1982 with the purpose of providing information about and analysis of arms control and disarmament.

Members of USPID believe that this task is part of the social responsibility of scientists.

The issues addressed by USPID include nuclear arms-control and disarmament, nuclear proliferation, consequences of nuclear explosions, control of fissile material, developments of military technology, conventional disarmament, chemical and biological disarmament, problems of conflicts and conflict resolution.

Members of USPID, both individually and collectively, share their views with Italian policy-makers and opinion-makers.

USPID organizes conferences and meetings, including the biennial Castiglioncello conference (now at its 11th edition), courses and seminars in Italian Universities, courses for high-school teachers.

USPID promotes the establishment of inter-departmental Centers affiliated to Italian Universities, and actively collaborates since many years with the CIRP-UniBa (Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerche sulla Pace, University of Bari).[1]

USPID collaborates with international organizations of scientists and other Italian institutions, such as: Archivio Disarmo (Roma), Forum per i Problemi della Pace e della Guerra (Firenze). Members of USPID participate in Pugwash and ISODARCO meetings.[2]

In 1995 USPID began a standing collaboration with Landau Network-Centro Volta, Como (Italy).[3] This institution organizes, together with UNESCO and under the sponsorship of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, conferences and research projects on different topics, including disarmament, non-proliferation and scientific-technological aspects of International Security.


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