U.S. Virgin Islands Championship

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U.S. Virgin Islands Championship
Sport Soccer
Founded 1997
No. of teams 4
Country United States Virgin Islands US Virgin Islands
Most recent champion(s) Helenites

There are two football club competitions running in US Virgin Islands: the St Croix Soccer League and the St Thomas League. The champion of the US Virgin Islands is decided in a knockout tournament between the best two teams of each league. 9,000 capacity Lionel Roberts Park is one of the venues.

The winner and the runner-up of the league starts the qualifications for the CONCACAF Champions Cup from the first round of the CFU Club Championship.

The 1999/00 championship was presumably the first time an overall title was played for.

US Virgin Islands Championship teams 2012/13[edit]

Third Place Match [Mar 10] Rovers 0-2 Helenites

Final [Mar 10] Positive Vibes 0-0 New Vibes [aet, 3-4 pen]

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