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Slovenian Air Force Utva 75
Role Military trainer/general aviation
National origin  Yugoslavia
Manufacturer UTVA
First flight 19 May 1976[1]
Introduction 1979
Status active
Primary user Yugoslav Air Force
Produced 1979-1985
Number built 136[1]

The UTVA 75 is a compact, piston-engine aircraft manufactured by UTVA. It was mainly used as a military basic trainer and sporting aircraft.[2]

History and variants[edit]

Designed in 1975 to replace the UTVA Aero 3 as the primary basic trainer in the Yugoslav Air Force, The Utva 75 made its maiden flight in 1976.[1] Between 1979 and 1985, a total of 136 Utva 75s were produced for the former Yugoslav Air Force.[1] Following the breakup of Yugoslavia, many were passed on to successor states.


  • UTVA-75A21 : Two-seater with dual controls and provisions for blind instrument flying.
  • UTVA-75A41 : Four-seater with advanced avionics, first flown in 1986.[citation needed]


Serbian Air Force Utva 75 trainer


General characteristics


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