UWF Live

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UWF Live
Acronym UWF Live
Founded 2005
Style American Wrestling
Headquarters Richmond, Virginia (2005-current)
Founder(s) Hermie Sadler, Earl and Dave Hebner
Owner(s) Hermie Sadler (2005-current)
Earl Hebner (2005-current)
Dave Hebner (2005-current)
Website UWFUSA.com
UWF Live on Myspace

United Wrestling Federation Live (UWF Live) was a professional wrestling promotion. It was started by Hermie Sadler, Earl Hebner, and Dave Hebner in late 2005. It was designed to be an outlet for TNA to do house shows, and also to have other independent talent compete in Virginia, North Carolina, and surrounding areas. Eventually, the UWF and TNA split ways.[1]



UWF-TNA held its first show on January 13, 2006 in Emporia, Virginia. UWF-TNA held shows in Virginia and North Carolina, along with a specialty show at the old ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Turnouts were good, with the peak being the Jacksonville, North Carolina show, which saw roughly 1,300 people in attendance.

UWF after TNA[edit]

In late 2006, TNA severed its ties with UWF, but top TNA talent frequently works UWF Live shows. UWF Live also has local workers, current and past WWE workers, PWG and ROH talent, and even past ECW wrestlers to add a great variety of talent to their shows.. UWF runs shows mainly run in the southeast US, and in August 2007 made first time visits to Georgia, Tennessee, and Maryland.

Unique characteristics[edit]

The UWF still uses the six sided ring, which makes them only the second American promotion to use it. UWF also has great fan interaction, with optional Meet and Greet tickets. It allows for fans to meet with the stars of the UWF, get autographs, and take photographs.

UWF Alumni[edit]