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Not to be confused with Ս. ‹See Tfd›

U is the twenty-first letter of the Latin alphabet.

U may also refer to:





  • U, ultraviolet magnitude, in a UBV photometric system
  • U, an October 16 through 31 discovery in the provisional designation of a comet


Other scientific uses[edit]

  • U, a common notation for potential energy
  • U, the middle of an edge joining a hexagonal and a square face of the Brillouin zone of a face-centered cubic lattice, in solid-state physics
  • U, one of the two subcarrier-modulated color-difference channels in the YUV colorspace, in video
  • U, the recommended symbol for a system's internal energy, in thermodynamics
  • U, the enzyme unit
  • U, the abbreviation for selenocysteine, an uncommon amino acid containing selenium
  • u, the alternative abbreviation for the SI prefix "micro-" when the Greek letter mu (µ) is not available



  • An honorific used in Burmese names
  • An alternative spelling of Woo (Korean name), including a list of people with that family or given name
  • U of Goryeo (1363–1389), king of Goryeo (Korea), often called King Woo



  • University, commonly abbreviated "U"
  • U, an unsatisfactory grade, or 'Unclassified' (UK)


  • U language, a language spoken by about 40,000 people in the Yunnan Province of China
  • U (Cyrillic), a letter of the Cyrillic script
  • U (kana), a Japanese syllabary symbol
  • U and non-U English, sociolectal varieties of British English
  • u, an abbreviation for "you" in computer chats
  • U-, a prefix used for German submarines during World War II
  • U, a title roughly equal to "Mister" in Burmese

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