U Don't Know Me (Kid Rock song)

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For other uses, see You Don't Know Me.
"U Don't Know Me"
Single by Kid Rock
from the album The Polyfuze Method
Released December 29, 1993
Recorded 1992 - 93
Genre Hip hop, rap rock
Length 5:25
Label Continuum
Kid Rock singles chronology
"Back from the Dead"
"U Don't Know Me"
"Prodigal Son"

"U Don't Know Me" is a single from Kid Rock. It is the second single from The Polyfuze Method.

After disagreement between Kid Rock and his record label (Continuum) about whether to release "Prodigal Son" or "U Don't Know Me" as a single, the label won and released the latter (U Don't Know Me). The label paid for the very low-budget music video of "U Don't Know Me", but due to poor promotion the video received little to no airplay and performed badly. This also happened to Kid Rock's previous single, Back from the Dead.


The samples for U Don't Know Me:

Music video[edit]

The video was shot in 1993. It shows Kid Rock sitting surrounded by girls and telling the story also getting an image of new-born child. Sometimes appear the men making tricks on a bicycle.


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