U language

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Region China
Native speakers
40,000  (2000)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 uuu

The U language, or P'uman, is spoken by 40,000 people in the Yunnan province of China and possibly Burma. It is classified as a Austroasiatic language in the Palaungic branch.

U is spoken in Shuangjiang County of Yunnan and other nearby counties.[2] Wang & Chen (1981) covers the dialect of Pengpan 碰拚, Dafengshan Townsnip 大凤山乡, Shuangjiang County, while Zhou & Yan (1983) covers the dialect of Pangpin 胖品,[3] Yongge Township 永革乡, Shuangjiang County. Svantesson (1991:67) documents the Hu dialect of Paɑ̃ Xɛp (Bangxie 邦协), Shahe Township 沙河乡, Shuangjiang County.[4]


U has four tones, high, low, rising, falling, which developed from vowel length and the nature of final consonants.