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Ubiquity Theatre Company (Leipzig) (/jˈbɪkwɪti ˈθɪətə ˈkʌmpəni/) is a bilingual (English and German) theatre company based in Leipzig (Germany). Established in Birmingham (England) in 2002, it moved to Leipzig in 2005 along with its founder Gareth Knapman. Ubiquity looks to produce socially conscious theatre projects in both performance work, and in workshop projects with children, youngsters and adults. Ubiquity follows the British tradition of 'Theatre in Education' and 'Community Theatre', and draws influence from Bertolt Brecht, Keith Johnstone, Geese Theatre Company and Augusto Boal in its ideals of using theatre for social gain. Projects take place in their Leipzig premises and also on location in schools, social institutions (e.g. prisons, disabled homes) and organisations working with alcoholics, drug addicts and the long term unemployed.[1]

Current productions[edit]

(List from the Ubiquity Theatre Company website)[2]

English speaking performance project for all[edit]

A community-based rehearsal and performance project for native and non-native English speakers in Leipzig. Participants with little or no theatre experience will choose a play, rehearse and perform in a Leipzig theatre with the support of professional director and workshop leader Gareth Knapman. Open to everyone to take part.

Neue Stadt? Neues Land? Neue Kultur?[edit]

A collaboration with the Leipzig University of Applied Science (HTWK) with groups of foreign students. Looking at the struggles and positives of being a foreign student in Leipzig.

Recent international work[edit]

(List from the Ubiquity Theatre Company website)[2]


2002 & 2003 Brattleboro, Vermont / Boston, Massachusetts: with the Experiment in International Living[3]

See also[edit]

Website: http://www.ubi-leipzig.de [1]


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