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Ubuntu TV
Ubuntu logo
Ubuntu TV screenshot.png
Developer Canonical Ltd.
OS family Unix-like
Working state In development
Source model open source
Update method APT (frontends available)
Package manager dpkg (frontends like Synaptic available[citation needed])
Platforms x86, x86-64, ARM[1]
Kernel type monolithic (Linux kernel)
Userland GNU
Default user interface Unity
License GNU GPL v3
Official website www.ubuntu.com/tv

Ubuntu TV is a smart TV operating system developed by Canonical, based on the Ubuntu operating system and using the Unity user interface.[2][3][4] It is designed for the living-room TV using a remote control.[5]

Ubuntu TV is a variant of the Ubuntu Linux distribution specially designed for embedded systems integrated into televisions. It was announced by Canonical at CES 2012 with the slogan "TV for human beings".[1][6][7][8] Ubuntu TV was shown at Mobile World Congress 2012.[9] Ubuntu for Android will use the Ubuntu TV interface when connected to a TV.[10]

As of October 2014 it has not been used in any commercial products and has not been released for public use.


Ubuntu TV will be based on Ubuntu 12.04,[11] is expected to have its own movie store,[1] ability to record and play videos, DVD-Video and Blu-ray Disc support,[12] touch-ready interface[12] ability to integrate all standard terrestrial broadcast system and also satellite and cable services,[13] ability to stream music, photos and videos from a PC to the TV[13] and applications designed specifically for Ubuntu TV.[12]

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