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UCCEL Corp, previously called University Computing Company ("UCC"), was a data processing service bureau on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.[1] It was founded by the Wyly brothers (Sam and Charles, Jr.) in 1963.[2] The name change in the mid-1980s was brought about by Gregory Liemandt, placed as CEO by the majority stockholder, a Swiss citizen named Walter Haefner through Careal Holding AG of Zurich.

Uccel's "big-ticket item" claim to fame was software called UCC-1/TMS (Tape Management System), an IBM mainframe product for managing the tape library in an OS/MVS operating system environment. In 1980, they developed their second "big hitter" and most profitable product, UCC-7 (job scheduler). The UCC-1, UCC-7, UCC-11 (batch job rerun/restart add-on) suite led the market for tape management and job scheduling.

In 1986, UCCEL Corporation purchased Cambridge Systems Group, Inc., which marketed for SKK, Inc. and their market-leading ACF2 mainframe security product. In June '87, Uccel was unexpectedly bought out by its archrival, Computer Associates, which aggressively sold directly competing products CA-Dynam/TLMS (tape management), CA-Scheduler and batch job scheduling products originally from Capex Corporation and Value Software, plus CA-Top Secret (security / mainframe discretionary access control).