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Comune di Ucria
Panorama Ucria.jpg
Coat of arms of Ucria
Coat of arms
Ucria is located in Italy
Location of Ucria in Italy
Coordinates: 38°3′N 14°53′E / 38.050°N 14.883°E / 38.050; 14.883Coordinates: 38°3′N 14°53′E / 38.050°N 14.883°E / 38.050; 14.883
Country Italy
Region Sicily
Province Messina (ME)
 • Mayor Giuseppe Giovanni Lembo
 • Total 26.2 km2 (10.1 sq mi)
Elevation 710 m (2,330 ft)
Population [1]
 • Total 1,079
 • Density 41/km2 (110/sq mi)
Demonym Ucriesi
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 98060
Dialing code 0941
Patron saint S.S. Cristo della Pietà
Saint day May 3
Website Official website

Ucria is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Messina in the Italian region Sicily, located about 130 kilometres (81 mi) east of Palermo and about 60 kilometres (37 mi) west of Messina. It is located in the Park of the Nebrodis.

Physical geography[edit]

Ucria is a small mountain town, between 710 and 790 metres (2,330 and 2,590 ft) above sea level, perched on the mountains Nebrodis. It is the first meeting point of three major thoroughfares: the state Ranked # 116 (Capo d'Orlando - Randazzo), the provincial Ranked # 136 (San Piero Patti - Ucria) and finally the Provincial Ranked # 139. the latter passes from Sinagra and is the shortest way and easy to reach, in 20 minutes, the wonderful sea of Brolo and Capo d'Orlando. The Via Padre Bernardino bisects the country and is a nice balcony to the passer-lookout of the surrounding mountains and down the valley.


The finds of prehistoric tools, close to the Rocca di San Marco and a storage room of Roman coins in the locality Arelluso, are evidence of the man ' in these areas right from' antiquity. The origin of the country seems to date back to the times of the Greeks, while the name is derived from the Arabic " KERYA " which means " village " . The tracks of two Saracen towers, one in the suburbs that was to serve as a lookout and in the north of the country, are an indication of how the village already existed at the time of the Arabs, but especially as representing a strategic place for those who wanted to go to sea inward. From the towers were developing a series of passages and tunnels that branched off to the entire surface of the country. Around the ' Ucria year 1000 was dominated by a castle that passes from one owner to ' other assignments according to various rules : Norman, Swabian, Angevin and Aragonese. In the Norman period, Ucria was a fief of Abbo Barresi and despite the feudal system has been officially abolished in the twentieth century ., The country will continue until the Second World War.

Monuments and places of interest[edit]

Religious architecture[edit]

  • Mother Church "St. Peter the Apostle"
  • Church of SS. Virgin Mary
  • Church of SS. Our Lady of Mount Carmel
  • Church of SS. Madonna dell 'Annunziata
  • Ruins of the Church of SS. Maria Della Scala
  • Church of SS. Our Lady of the Rosary
  • Church of St. Michael the Archangel


Demographic trends[edit]

Traditions and folklore[edit]

  • 'Festival of S.S. Christ of Pity 'Patron of Ucria takes place every year on 3 May, and September 14
  • 'The Emigrant's Day' is held every year on August 14.
  • 'Feast of St. Michael the Archangel' is held every year on the last Saturday of September.
  • 'Feast of Our Lady S.S. del Rosario 'is held every year on the last Sunday of October.
  • 'Show and Festival Mushroom' is held every year on the last Sunday of October.
  • 'Show and Festival Hazelnuts' is held every year in the month of September.



  • Pedagogical Museum of Arts and Youth Creativity
  • Typological Museum of Traditional Arts of Sicily
  • Museo della Carta Pesta "Gianpistone"
  • Museum of the Nebrodis ethnohistorian "Antonino Gullotti"
  • Mosaic Nico Nicosia "Comparing the Two Worlds"

Living plant germplasm bank[edit]

The Germplasm Bank of the living plant is located Via S. Antonio del Prato in Municipality of Ucria, and includes lannesso Botanical Garden, dedicated botanist allillustre Nebrodi Bernardino Ucria (1739 -1796). It houses the collection of fields of different species of plants of therapeutic interest and a variety of seeds of old traditional cultivars of fruit in danger of disappearing. It was also set up a biological laboratory for the protection and multiplication of germplasm for the conservation of biodiversity.

Notable people[edit]


Period First Citizen Party Upload Notes
2013 - in office Giuseppe Giovanni Lembo Civic List Mayor II madate


Ucria has signed pact with twinness Gozzano, Italy (No), from May 2014.

Other administrative information[edit]

The municipality of Ucria is part of the following organizations supra: agricultural area 2 (Nebrodis north-western)



  • Comprehensive School Nursery School, Primary and Secondary 1st Grade


  1. ^ All demographics and other statistics: Italian statistical institute Istat.

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