Udayagiri, Odisha

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Main Stupa
Udayagiri, Odisha is located in Odisha
Udayagiri, Odisha
Shown within Odisha
Basic information
Location  India
Geographic coordinates 20°38′30″N 86°16′09″E / 20.6416°N 86.2692°E / 20.6416; 86.2692Coordinates: 20°38′30″N 86°16′09″E / 20.6416°N 86.2692°E / 20.6416; 86.2692
Affiliation Buddhism
State Odisha
Status Preserved

Udayagiri (ଉଦୟଗିରି ଗୁମ୍ଫା) is a Buddhist complex in Odisha composed of major stupas and monasteries (viharas), similar to Ratnagiri, and together with Lalitgiri and Ratnagiri part of Puspagiri University. As per epigraphical artifacts found here, its historical name was “Madhavapura Mahavihara.”[1]

Numerous excavations by the A.S.I.[2] have been conducted since 1958, and continue to this day. During the large excavation from 1997 to 2000, a second part (Udayagiri-2) was discovered with additional stupas and monasteries.[3]


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Latitude 20° 38' 45" N | Longitude 86° 16' 25" E

Google Maps calculates the coordinates of the Main Stupa of Udayagiri at (20.643738,86.267011), and the Monastery of Udayagiri-2 at (20.64163,86.269189).

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