Udi Davidi

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Udi Davidi
Udi davidi Hevron 2009.jpg
Background information
Born April 25, 1975
Tel Aviv, Israel
Genres Original Jewish Music
Occupation(s) Singer, Musician, Lyricist, Composer and Shepherd
Instruments Guitar
Labels Hatav Hashmini [1]
Notable instruments
guitar, drums, harmonica

Udi Davidi (Hebrew: אודי דוידי‎) is an Israeli singer, musician, lyricist and composer. Davidi is considered one of the most prominent singers of Jewish music among creative artists.[2]

Davidi began his musical career in the year 2004, when he released his first album, Speak to Him. In 2006 his second album, Coming Back to You, was released, turning Davidi into one of the most popular singers of Original Jewish Music. In 2008 his third album, Time For Everything, came out, following the style of its predecessors, and solidifying Davidi's already popular standing. His fourth album, Good Spirit, was released in 2009 and served as a breakthrough in reaching the general public. The first track on the album, titled "Withholding Your Voice" was broadcast repeatedly on several Israeli radio stations, and even nominated on two of them for the Discovery of the Year award. In 2011 Davidi's fifth album, Beloved Son, was released. It includes a duet with popular Israeli singer Shlomi Shabbat. His sixth album entitled "Waiting For Silence" was just released in 2014


Udi Davidi was born on April 25, 1975, and grew up in the Samarian settlement of Kedumim. When he was about 15, he met Lilach, the woman who he would later marry, through the Bnei Akiva youth groups. Today he lives with his family on a farm in Ma'on, Har Hebron, in the hills of Judea, where he raises sheep and composes music.[3][dead link]


Davidi often writes about the relationship between God and man, and is influenced by the teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.


His third album sold over 10,000 copies and was picked for the Galgalatz playlist. He has written songs with his wife Lilach Davidi.[4] He plays drums and often performs playing drums and singing simultaneously.[5]

Compilation CDs[edit]

Davidi has music on the CD Israel's Greatest Hits 2010.[6] He also appears on the compilation CD Kumzitz for Yeshiva Bochurim, in Eretz Yisroel.[7]

Other Work[edit]

During Hanukkah 2008 he appeared in the musical production of Hershele in Chelm (a "kosher" and educational alternative to the secular Hanukkah extravaganzas), for which he wrote the title song.[8] Davidi performed for over 8,000 people at a celebration to honor the Garanim Torahnim program. The audience included soldiers and their families as well as several ministers and members of Knesset.[9] His music is featured on Breslev Beams Radio, an internet radio station.[10]


  • Speak To Him (2004), דבר אליו
  • Coming Back to You (2006), חוזר אליך
  • Time For Everything (2008), לכל זמן
  • Good Spirit (2009), רוחות טובות
  • Beloved Son (2011), בן אהוב
  • Waiting For Silence (2014), מחכה לַשקט


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