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Hangul 우거왕
Hanja 右渠王
Revised Romanization Ugeo Wang
McCune–Reischauer Ugŏ Wang
In Chinese records
Hangul 위우거
Hanja 衛右渠
Revised Romanization Wi Ugeo
McCune–Reischauer Wi Ugŏ
pinyin: Wèi Yòuqú; Wade–Giles: Wei Yu-ch'ü

Ugeo (died 108 BC) was the last king of Wiman Joseon, the last remnant of Gojoseon. He was a grandson of Wi Man.

Han Dynasty destroys Wiman Joseon, establishing Lelang in northern Korean Peninsula.[1]

Ugeo was killed by an assassin sent by a faction advocating surrender. Even after the death of Ugeo, Gojoseon resisted the Han forces until 108 BC but lost and the Four Commanderies of Han were then set up.


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