Ukrainian Peasant Democratic Party

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Ukrainian Peasant Democratic Party
Leader Dmytro Yosypovych Andriyevskyi
Founded January 1991
Dissolved December 2011
Merged into United Left and Peasants
Headquarters Kiev
Colours white
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The Ukrainian Peasant Democratic Party (Ukrainian: Українська селянська демократична партія) is a former political party in Ukraine. It was registered with the Ministry of Justice on 15 January 1991.[1] The party merged into the (then) new party United Left and Peasants in December 2011.[2]


The party ran for the parliamentary election 1998 as the part of “European Choice of Ukraine” block winning 0,13% of the votes and no seats. At the parliamentary elections on 30 March 2002, the party was part of the Team of Winter Generation alliance,[4] which won 2.0% of the popular vote and no seats. At the parliamentary elections on 26 March 2006 the party was part of the electoral Lytvyn's People's Bloc, which won 2.44% of the popular vote and no seats.

In the 30 September 2007 elections, the party was a part of the Peasants' Bloc "Agrarian Ukraine" which again failed to win parliamentary representation.[5]


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