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The Ukrainian names of the month used with the Gregorian calendar in the Ukrainian language use Slavic month names (like Belarusian, Croatian, Czech, Polish, and Slovenian), rather than Latin-based month names as used by most European languages (including Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian, and Slovak):

No. English name Ukrainian name Transliteration Ukrainian meaning
1 January Січень Sichen' cutting (sikty) month, referring either to chopping wood, or to biting frost
2 February Лютий Ljutyj cruel month or frosty month
3 March Березень Berezen' month of the birch (bereza)
4 April Квітень Kviten' month of blooming/blossoming/flowering
5 May Травень Traven' month of (green) grass (trava)
6 June Червень Cherven' month of carmine scales' larva (cherviak) used to make red (chervony) dyes,[1] also sometimes explained as the month of red referring to the ripening of berries
7 July Липень Lypen' month of the lypa (linden tree)
8 August Серпень Serpen' month of the sickle/scythe/harvest
9 September Вересень Veresen' commonly held to mean month of heather, it may also originate in the Old East Slavic verb верещить (vereshchyt') meaning "to thresh"[2] in which case it would be read as threashing month
10 October Жовтень Žhovten' month of yellowing (zhovtinnia), referring to leaves and grass
11 November Листопад Lystopad month of falling leaves (lystia)
12 December Грудень Hruden' month of frozen clods of earth (hrudky)

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