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Ukrainian surnames can be easily recognized by the most common suffix -enko (Shevchenko, Hordiyenko, Tereshchenko) or less common -ko (Sirko, Pavlychko, Boiko). Another common suffix in surnames that reflects the Ukrainian origin is -chuk (Polishchuk, Palamarchuk, Balanchuk) or its simplified versions -yuk or -yak and -ak (Palahnyuk, Mochulyak, Romanyuk). Suffixes -ko and -uk/yuk are considered to be patronymic.

Other common suffixes are -yshyn or -ishyn (Panchyshyn, Kostyshyn, Romanyshyn). Such suffixes are simply added to the Ukrainian given names. Unlike the above mentioned these suffixes are considered to be matronymic.

There are also old Cossack names that derive from military occupations, such as Kompaniyets or Kompanichenko. There are also surnames derived from monikers based on personal characteristics. These can often be somewhat comical such as Dobryvechir, Perevernykruchenko, Vyrvykhvist, Vernydub, Kryvonis, Chornovil, Navarykasha. Those are composite surnames that consist of two actual words. It is impossible to list them all as they vary with a creativity of their owners. Such surnames are considered to be self-invented in 15th-16th centuries with the start of the Cossack movement. For people foreign to a Slavic culture it is close to impossible to identify such names.

Among Cossacks were also much simplified last names such as Hohol,[1] Orel, Horobets,[2] Syromakha, Rosomakha, Vedmid',[3] Moroz, Kulish, Skovoroda, Harbuz, Vovk, Chaika and many more that are a common nouns of the Ukrainian language. Other Cossack last names were based on personality characteristics - Sverbylo, Nudylo, etc.

Some Ukrainian toponymic surnames can be identified as from the Galicia region. Those surnames often contain suffixes -ets or -iets and -iv (Kolomiets, Korniets, Romanets, Baranets, Petriv, Leskiv, Petrusiv).

Less common suffixes that may identify the Ukrainian origin are -ra, -ukh, -un, -ash, -la or -lo, series of -aba, -yba, and -uba, also -yush (Plyush), -i (Guti, Gudi - common in Transcarpathia) and -iy (Vertiy).

Suffixes -skiy, -skyi, -ski are common not only among the Ukrainians, but also other Slavic people. One may encounter a wide use of names having suffix -vych or -vich (Shukhevych, Petrushevych, Andrushevych, Shushkevich, Gorlukovich). Those suffixes usually are considered to be of now extinct tribe of White Croats that over the years resettled across the Eastern Europe and integrated in various other cultures.[citation needed]

List of most common surnames[edit]

  1. Melnyk
  2. Shevchenko
  3. Boiko (Boyko)
  4. Kovalenko
  5. Bondarenko
  6. Tkachenko
  7. Kovalchuk
  8. Kravchenko
  9. Oliynyk (Oliinyk)
  10. Shevchuk
  11. Koval
  12. Polishchuk
  13. Bondar
  14. Tkachuk
  15. Moroz
  16. Marchenko
  17. Lysenko
  18. Rudenko
  19. Savchenko
  20. Petrenko
  21. Kravchuk
  22. Klymenko
  23. Pavlenko
  24. Savchuk
  25. Kuzmenko
  26. Shvets
  27. Havryliuk (Havrylyuk)
  28. Ivanova
  29. Kharchenko
  30. Ponomarenko
  31. Melnychuk
  32. Vasylenko
  33. Mazur
  34. Khomenko
  35. Levchenko
  36. Karpenko
  37. Kushnir
  38. Sydorenko
  39. Romaniuk (Romanyuk)
  40. Martyniuk (Martynyuk)
  41. Kolomiyets
  42. Pavliuk (Pavlyuk)
  43. Tkach
  44. Lytvynenko
  45. Panchenko
  46. Kostenko
  47. Kulyk
  48. Kravets
  49. Yurchenko
  50. Bilous
  51. Dyachenko
  52. Semeniuk (Semenyuk)
  53. Kostiuk (Kostyuk)
  54. Ivanov[citation needed]
  55. Humeniuk (Humenyuk)
  56. Vovk
  57. Honcharenko
  58. Yakovenko
  59. Romanenko
  60. Prykhodko
  61. Kozak
  62. Kovtun
  63. Nazarenko
  64. Pylypenko
  65. Honchar
  66. Ishchenko
  67. Fedorenko
  68. Honcharuk
  69. Nesterenko
  70. Kolisnyk
  71. Demchenko
  72. Tereshchenko
  73. Tyshchenko
  74. Babenko
  75. Popovych
  76. Tarasenko
  77. Makarenko
  78. Marchuk
  79. Moskalenko
  80. Zinchenko
  81. Yatsenko
  82. Zhuk
  83. Lytvyn
  84. Herasymenko
  85. Kyrychenko
  86. Kolesnyk
  87. Mishchenko
  88. Tymoshenko
  89. Popova[citation needed]
  90. Fop
  91. Palamarchuk
  92. Vlasenko
  93. Shapoval
  94. Bondarchuk
  95. Lutsenko
  96. Kondratiuk (Kondratyuk)
  97. Chorna
  98. Shcherbyna
  99. Antoniuk (Antonyuk)
  100. Soroka
  101. Suprun

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