Ullevål University Hospital

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Oslo University Hospital
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View of helipad outside the ER
Ullevål University Hospital is located in Oslo
Ullevål University Hospital
Location in Oslo
Location Oslo, Norway
Coordinates 59°56′13″N 10°44′14″E / 59.9370°N 10.7372°E / 59.9370; 10.7372Coordinates: 59°56′13″N 10°44′14″E / 59.9370°N 10.7372°E / 59.9370; 10.7372
Hospital type Teaching
Affiliated university University of Oslo
Emergency department Level I trauma center
Helipad Yes
Beds 1,200
Founded 1887
Website http://www.ulleval.no

Ullevaal University Hospital (Norwegian: Ullevål universitetssykehus) in Oslo, Norway was opened[1] in 1887. From January 1, 2009, the hospital is one of the four main campuses of the Oslo University Hospital.


  1. ^ Journal of the Oslo City Hospitals 37, Oslo, Norway, 1987, retrieved 22 November 2013, "September 5. 1887 the first patient was admitted to Ullevål Hospital which was planned and constructed as a hospital for epidemic diseases for the City of Oslo." 

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The famous tower outside the entrance.