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Ulong may refer to:

  • Ulong Island, in the Republic of Palau in the Pacific Ocean, sometimes called Aulong and originally written Oroolong in English.
  • Ulong channel, a gap in the reef to the west of Ulong Island, popular with divers.
  • Ulong, New South Wales, a small town in Australia lying inland from Coffs Harbour.
  • Ulong, a tribe in Survivor: Palau, the tenth season, set in Palau, of the American TV series Survivor.
  • Ulong is an unsigned long integer datatype in computer programming languages.
  • ulong is a type defined in Linux as a typedef for unsigned long.
  • ulong tea is an alternate spelling for oolong tea.[1][2]
  • Ulong, a character in the anime franchaise Dragon Ball.

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