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Ulrich, (German pronunciation: [uːlʁiːx]), formerly Huldrich or Huldrych, is a Germanic name, derived from Old High German Uodalrich (uodal- meaning "heritage" and -rich meaning "powerful"). It is also common as a German language surname. Other names which are related include: Ullrich, Urich, Ulich, Ullerich, Ulricher, Ulrico, Orrico, Ullrisch, Woolrich, Ullmann, Ulke, Utz, Utzmann, Ützle, Jedele, Yetley, Jehle, Jehl, Uller.

The form Ulrich is used not only in German, but also in Swiss, French, and English. Equivalents in other languages are: Odalric (Catalan), Oldrich (Slovak), Oldřich (Czech), Ódor (Hungarian), Ryczek (Polish), Ulderico (Italian), Uldis (Latvian), Ulrik (Danish, Dutch, Hungarian, Norwegian, Swedish), Ulryk (Polish), Huldericus (Latin).

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