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Ulriken, as seen from the centre of Bergen
Elevation 643 m (2,110 ft)
Location Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
Coordinates 60°22′38.54″N 5°21′51.72″E / 60.3773722°N 5.3643667°E / 60.3773722; 5.3643667Coordinates: 60°22′38.54″N 5°21′51.72″E / 60.3773722°N 5.3643667°E / 60.3773722; 5.3643667
Topo map 1115 I Bergen
Easiest route Aerial tramway
View of Bergen from Mount Ulriken
Sky:skraperen restaurant at Ulriken
Ulriken TV Tower at night

Ulriken is the highest of the Seven Mountains (de syv fjell) that surround Bergen, Norway. It has an altitude of 643 metres above sea level.

Ulriken has an aerial tramway, Ulriksbanen, that can bring people to the top. At the top there is a TV tower, a restaurant, and free telescopes. The cable car was closed as of January 2006, due to the operating company failing to meet government requirements for documentation, but it reopened later in the spring of the same year. It was later closed again, but it reopened for business on May 1, 2009.[1]

An area of the mountain is called "Montana".[2]

The trail[edit]

There is a network of trails to climb Ulriken. However, many of them are poorly or unmaintained, rendering the journey difficult for people in less than fit condition. There are few visitor facilities on the way up. Bridges and steep sections can be particularly difficult, especially in less than perfect weather conditions.


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