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An ultimate wheel of wooden construction

An ultimate wheel is a wheel with two pedals directly connected - similar to a unicycle and impossible wheel. It has no seat or frame but offset and functional pedals. There are several different designs: the most popular involves a solid or semi-solid disk inside a regular small bicycle wheel rim with the pedals are attached directly to the disk. A less common style uses metal cross braces instead of wood.

Some mounting and riding techniques include:

  • Regular mount - have one pedal lower than the other and step up to the other pedal
  • Free jump mount - release the wheel then jump onto the pedals
  • Standard riding - simply being able to ride without falling off
  • Turning - turning by twisting your body and the wheel
  • Bunny hop - grabbing on the wheel and hopping off the ground
  • Idling - remaining in one place with one pedal down and one pedal up, rocking the wheel back and forth to keep balance
  • Reverse - riding the wheel backwards

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