Ultra Violet (Bananarama album)

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Ultra Violet / I Found Love
Studio album by Bananarama
Released 1995 and 1996
Recorded July 1993 - May 1994
Genre Pop, dance
Label Avex Trax Records (Jp.)
Curb Records (U.S.)
ZYX Records (Ge.)
Quality Records (Ca.)
Mega Records (Dm.)
DigIt International (It.)
Festival Records (Au.)
Blanco y Negro Records (Sp.)
Spotlight Records (Br.)
Producer Gary Miller
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Ultra Violet / I Found Love
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Allmusic 2/5 stars link

Ultra Violet and I Found Love are two titles given to the seventh studio album released by British girl group Bananarama in 1995. Originally released in Japan only, with the title I Found Love, the album was renamed and repackaged as Ultra Violet in other countries, including the U.S., Australia, Canada, and continental Europe, where it was marketed either at the same time or in the following years. Neither Ultra Violet nor I Found Love was ever released in the UK, where the band had not had any hits since their 1993 cover of "More, More, More" (and would not again until 2005 with the single "Move in My Direction").

The album was released on various labels, including ZYX Records and DigIt International, depending upon the different countries because Bananarama had no major record deal after leaving London Records, which had produced all of their works before 1993. Musically, the 1995 album continued Bananarama's Europop sound, and it was a success commercially. Its biggest success came from the album's first single, "Every Shade of Blue", which sold well enough in Canada to chart in the Top 40. It also peaked at Number 94 in Australia. Two more singles were taken from the two editions: the title track, "I Found Love", and "Take Me to Your Heart", which was heavily remixed for the single version, which turned it from a rhythm guitar-based, almost acoustic tune into a Europop number, much like the other album tracks.

Track listing[edit]

Ultra Violet CD and cassette version

  1. "Every Shade of Blue" – 4:01 (S. Dallin/G. Miller/S. Torch/K. Woodward/P. Barry)
  2. "Rhythm of Life" – 3:59 (S. Dallin/G. Miller/P. Barry/S. Torch/K. Woodward)
  3. "Take Me to Your Heart" – 4:00 (S. Dallin/G. Miller/P. Barry/S. Torch/K. Woodward)
  4. "Prove Your Love" – 3:56 (S. Dallin/G. Miller/P. Barry/S. Torch/K. Woodward)
  5. "Take Me Away" – 3:56 (S. Dallin/G. Miller/P. Barry/S. Torch/K. Woodward)
  6. "System" – 3:58 (S. Dallin/G. Miller/S. Torch/K. Woodward)
  7. "Maybe the Next Time" – 4:02 (S. Dallin/G. Miller/P. Barry/S. Torch/K. Woodward)
  8. "You've Really Got Something" – 3:37 (S. Dallin/G. Miller/P. Barry/S. Torch/K. Woodward)
  9. "Time Out" – 3:56 (S. Dallin/G. Miller/P. Barry/S. Torch/K. Woodward)
  10. "Don't Stop Me Now" – 4:24 (S. Dallin/G. Miller/P. Barry/K. Woodward)
  11. "Give In to Me" – 3:48 (S. Dallin/G. Miller/P. Barry/K. Woodward)
  12. "I Found Love" (bonus track) – 4:24 (S. Dallin/T. Komuro/K. Woodward)

I Found Love CD and cassette version

  1. "I Found Love" (ROZI-Mix)
  2. "Every Shade of Blue" – 4:01
  3. "Rhythm of Life" – 3:59
  4. "Take Me to Your Heart" – 4:00
  5. "Prove Your Love" – 3:56
  6. "Take Me Away" – 3:56
  7. "System" – 3:58
  8. "Maybe the Next Time" – 4:02
  9. "You've Really Got Something" – 3:37
  10. "Time Out" – 3:56
  11. "Don't Stop Me Now" – 4:24
  12. "Give in to Me" – 3:48
  13. "I Found Love" (original version) – 4:24

Unreleased songs and demos

  1. "Prove Your Love" (Harwood Heights Mix)
  2. "Prove Your Love" (Harwood Heights Edit)
  3. "You've Really Got Something [Remix] {unfinished}"
  4. "Do What You Wanna Do"
  5. "Garden of Eden"




  • Gary Miller – Programming

Additional Personnel

  • Peter Barrett – Sleeve design
  • Andrew Biscomb – Sleeve design
  • Kate Garner – Photography
  • Gary Miller – Producer
  • Gary Miller, Paul Barry and Steve Torch – Co-song writers
  • Tetsuya Komuro – Co-song writer on "I Found Love"