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Tool of file copy.
Original author(s) alpha_one_x86
Developer(s) alpha_one_x86
Initial release  29, 2009; 5 years ago (2009-03-29)[1]
Stable release / 2013-05-20
Written in C++ and Qt
Operating system Windows XP and later
Mac OS X Snow Leopard and later
Linux (only for Ultracopier versions up to and including 0.2)
Platform IA-32 and x64
Available in 8 languages[2]
Type Utility software
License GNU GPL
Website ultracopier.first-world.info

Ultracopier is a tool to replace the file copying functionality of Windows Explorer/File Explorer.


  • Pause and resume the copy
  • Show speed and apply speed limitation
  • Double progress bar to general and current file
  • Copy list can be edited during the copy
  • Error log
  • Collision management (overwrite, skip, cancel or rename)
  • Error management (retry where it blocked -> not the whole file, skip, cancel or put it at the end of the list)
  • Resume the copy where it would have stopped if error occurred
  • Plugins
  • Support of skins and CSS
  • Command line for scripting


Reports on SourceForge say that UltraCopier contains a Bitcoin miner that utilizes the CPU of the host.[3]

Someone on the official website of the project confirmed the presence of a GPU-based Bitcoin miner in the program, claiming the revenues to be necessary for ongoing development.[4]


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