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Ultras Junoon is the first ultras group in the UAE that supports the Dubai-based UAE Pro-League football club Al Wasl FC. The Ultras was founded in 2010 by a group of Al Wasl fans. Ultras Junoon raised a tifo for the first time at a match against Al-Wahda S.C.C. on August 27, 2010. The tifo had sheikh Ahmed bin Rashid Al Maktoum's picture on it, he is the owner of Al Wasl FC. Ultras Junoon also supports the Al-Wasl futsal, basketball, and handball teams.

Best banner and pyro displays[edit]

Ultras Junoon is known for its members' banners at both home and away games. The banners are usually hand made a couple of days before the match. One of the best banners was the AL-WASL huge banner that covered nearly half the packed stadium against Al Ain FC in the UAE's Classico. Also Ultras Junoon made one of the best entrances in the UAE Pro-League against Al Jazira FC.[1] Fireworks, yellow smoke bombs and rolls of paper covered the pitch, the match was delayed for 15 minutes to clean it. Ultras Junoon Logo was surrounded by light torches in a friendly game between Al Wasl FC and Hamburger SV.

Even though fireworks, smoke bombs, paper rolls, flags, light torches are not allowed in the UAE Pro-League. Ultras Junoon keeps finding a way to get them in, which leads to many warnings and fines for Al Wasl FC. In season 2011-2012 Al Wasl FC had a total of 6 games moved away from their home to neutral stadiums. Ultras Junoon were not satisfied and protested against these decision in a local derby against Al Nasr SC. Al Wasl fans left the stands in the 20th minute [2] and held a banner in Arabic that translated to " Do you want the stadiums empty like this ? Ultras Junoon are the beauty of UAE Pro-League.[3]

Fan Rivalries[edit]

Al Wasl FC and Al Ain FC are the two most successful clubs in UAE football and it is from here that their rivalry starts. Fan Clashes, rock throwing and car breaking incidents happen every once and a while. Also Al Wasl fans claim that they are loyal supporters while Al Ain fans are paid a small amount of money and a 'kfc meal to support their team.[4]

Al Wasl FC and Al Nasr SC is another rivalry. This is a local Dubai derby. It is one of the oldest derbies in the UAE Pro-League. Al Wasl fans mock Al Nasr by saying that the penguin is the symbol of al nasr club, and they just hang this symbol during the game against al nasr just to simulate their strength and superiority over their rivals.

Al Wasl FC's rivalry even extends to Saudi Arabia's Al Nassr FC. This started in the GCC Champions League 2010 Semi-Final in Zabeel Stadium where Al Wasl's fans jumped into the pitch and attacked Al Nassr's Doctor and some Players.[5]

Ultras Junoon Most Famous Lines[edit]

  • You will never walk alone
  • The non-paid fans
  • Welcome to hell


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