Ultrasonic hydroponic fogger

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An ultrasonic hydroponic fogger (not to be confused with an aeroponic mister) is a device that emits nutrient fog in a hydroponic system or terrarium to increase humidity.[1]

It usually sits below water level, and fills the root zone with fog, raising humidity in the rooting medium. Water particles are 5-15 micrometres in size. The hanging roots absorb the water/nutrient combination for accelerated growth in hydroponically grown plants. When combined together, turns a hydroponic system into an "aeroponic" hybrid system. It is important to note that ultrasonic foggers should not be confused with aeroponic misters. Whilst foggers create fog ultrasonically, the aeroponic mister atomizes water into a nutrient-rich mist through the use of either a special gardening tip on a pvc tube, or by dripping the water onto a spinning plate [clarification needed]. The resulting mist created through the aforementioned means is 100% oxygen rich, as well as maintaining 100% humidity, providing the entire plant system with an aerated (hence the term 'aero' ponic) root medium. Due to the nutrient-rich nature of the mist created by aeroponic misters, growth of plants is boosted significantly in comparison to ultrasonic foggers.


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