Ulvich River

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Ulvich River
Origin Kvarkush
Mouth Yayva River
Length 72 km (45 mi)
Basin area 401 km2 (155 sq mi)

Ulvich (Russian: Ульвич) is a river in Perm Krai, Russia, right tributary of Yayva River. It is 72 km in length. Area of basin is 401 km2. It starts on west slope of Kvarkush mountain range. Its mouth located downstream of village Sukhaya, in 207 km from mouth of Yayva River. There are some small tributaries.


The most believable version of the origin of the river’s name is that it is a composition of the words ‘ul’ (‘wet’ in Mansi language) and ‘vich’ (‘branch’ from Russian ‘vichka’), so it can be translated as ‘wet branch’. Also, it is may be from the word ‘vidz’ (meadow), in which case Ulvich means ‘wet meadow’.


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