Umar Arteh Ghalib

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Umar Arteh Ghalib
عمر ارتيهح غالب
Prime Minister of Somalia
In office
24 January 1991 – May 1993*
Preceded by Muhammad Hawadle Madar
Succeeded by Muhammad Haji Ibrahim Egal
Personal details
Born 1922
Political party Somali Youth League
Religion Islam
*de facto to 3 January 1997

Umar Arteh Ghalib or Omer Carte Qalib (Somali: Cumar Carte Qaalib, Arabic: عمر ارتيهح غالب‎) (born 1930) is a prominent Somali politician. He was Prime Minister of Somalia from January 24, 1991 to May 1993.[1]


Ghalib was born in Somalia in 1930. He is a member of the Isaaq clan, and belonged to the United Somali Congress.[2][3]

From 1969 - 1977, Ghalib served as Foreign Minister.[2] As Foreign Minister, in January he was President of the United Nations Security Council. On 24 January 1991, he was appointed by then President of Somalia Siad Barre as the last Prime Minister of Somalia under the latter's regime.[4]

After Barre's ouster, the next president, Ali Mahdi Muhammad, reappointed Ghalib as prime minister,[3] a position Ghalib would hold until May 1993.[4]

Preceded by
Muhammad Hawadle Madar
Prime Minister of Somalia
January 24, 1991–May 1993
Succeeded by
vacant, 1997-2000


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