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Omerga, Omarga
Umarga is located in Maharashtra
Location in Maharashtra, India
Coordinates: 17°50′24″N 76°37′18″E / 17.84000°N 76.62167°E / 17.84000; 76.62167Coordinates: 17°50′24″N 76°37′18″E / 17.84000°N 76.62167°E / 17.84000; 76.62167
Country  India
State Maharashtra
District Osmanabad
Elevation 572 m (1,877 ft)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 35,477
 • Official Marathi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Lok Sabha constituency Osmanabad
Vidhan Sabha constituency Umarga[2]

Umarga is a town with a municipal council in the Osmanabad district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is the administrative centre for Umarga Taluka. Its name "Uma Marg", is after the goddess Tulja Bhavani, who is also called Uma. Omerga was represented in the Hyderabad mukti sangram (peasant uprising) of 1948.


The town of Umarga is situated on National Highway 9 (Pune to Hyderabad). It is located 85 km by road east of the city of Solapur, 95 km by road from the district capital of Osmanabad, and 20 km west of the Karnataka-Maharashtra State boundary. The nearest towns are Murum, 28 km by road to the southwest, and Naldurg, which is 40 km by road to the east on NH-9. The town of Umarga has an elevation of 572 metres (1876 feet).


Omerga had a brief part in the history of the 1948 Marathwada Muktisangram (liberation/freedom fight) overthrowing the Nizam of Hyderabad State. The region joined India after the Nizam surrendered to the Indian Army in 1948. The "Liberation" was a bloody part in Indian history. The liberation was led by many well known people like Swami Ramanad Tirth. Devisingh Chavan, Tatyarao More,Vishwambhar Haralkar(Dada), Digambarroa Potdar, Mugalikar, Rajeshwarkar, Anna Rao Patil, Shankarrao Patil (Kaderkar), Ram Gaikwad, Namdev Fugate, dattopant Kale and Madhavanand Shastri (Guruji) are a few of the people who participated in the freedom movement and were jailed several times. There are many freedom fighters from Omerga who took part in Marathwada Liberation. Shaikh Parvej Ekondikar The villages of Madaj, Mulaj, Kader, Tugaon, and Naichakur contributed fighters.


Omerga is a home to many educational institutes including The Rising Sun English School, Adarsh college of Education , Shri Mahatma Basweshwar Vidyalay, Dr. K.D. Shendge English Medium School, Shri Chhatrapatil Shivaji College, Shramjeevi Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Adarsh Vidyalaya, Bharat Vidyalaya, Samarth Balwadi. These are one of the most reputable institutes in Omerga.

The Bharat Vidyalay school was founded in the 1920s as a rastriya shala and spread the concept of primary education in those days of Nizam Rule.

  • Adarsh Senior college Specialized for Microbiology Course
  • Shri Chhatrapatil Shivaji College


In the 2011 census, the town of Umarga had a population of 35,609.[3]

Religions in Umarga
Religion Percent
Distribution of religions
Includes Sikhs (0.2%), Buddhists (<0.2%).

Economy and infrastructure[edit]

The main income source for the people here is agricultural. There is one sugar factory namely VitthalSai Co-op Sugar Factory and another two factories under construction. Umarga has a MIDC industrial park of 2500 hectares. Umarga has good healthcare services, which is beneficial for the people of adjacent Karnataka as well.

Religious places[edit]

  • Temple of Shankar
  • Shiva Temple: Umarga has a 1000 year old ancient Hemadpanthi Temple of Lord Shiva. This indicates its roots linked to the Shilahar, Rastrkuta, Chalukya Dynasty.
  • Birudev Temple is on Latur Road. Birudev is worshiped as the god of the Dhangar community.


In Omerga there are number of industrialist like Dalgade, Chinchole, politically active families such as Dalgade, Gaikwad, More, Chalukya, active in various fields. Omerga is a true socially reformed and secular town in Osmanabad district. Once upon a time M.L.A. was from Muslim - a minority community and its M.P. was from lingayat community. Omerga voted for its first lady President Ms Sharyu Potdar in Municipal Council. Ms Sharayu Potdar is very devoted and sincere Congresswoman. Kazi, Karche, Chinchole, More, Malge, Mane family are the main business house in the town. Rajshekhar Chinchole was the founder of Vyapari Mahasangh.


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