Umarzai (Muhammadzai)

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Location Hashtnagar, Charsadda District
Language Pashto
Religion Sunni Islam

The Umarzai are a subgroup of the Muhammadzai (Charsadda) tribe. As their name suggests, they are found in the village of Umarzai located in the Hashtnagar area of Charsadda District. They are named after Umar Khan son of Sardar Khajar khan, who is the common ancestor of the Sardar Nasrullah khan.Their sons are Aurangzeb khan,Muhammad Iftikhar khan,Shoukat ali khan,Sardar ali khan,Wing commander Rtd Jan nisar khan,Hameedullah khan. Writing in 1878, Captain Hastings identified their rice-bearing hamlets as Sangar and Mirzadher, and their high-land hamlets as Amirabad and Shiggi. They also owned several other hamlets inhabited by non-Umarzais: "Gumrani Afghans" resided in Daulatpura and Garhi Dildar, a group of Sayyids inhabited Chak Kaka Khel, and Awans lived in a hamlet named China. Some of popular families(khels) live in Umarzai & Mera Umarzai are. 1) Bati khel They are in the village of Umarzai and Mera Umarzai

The Bati khel reside in Mera Umerzai. They are on very good post in government organization.

2) Shabas khel live in the village of Mera Umarzai. They are active in politics and many work as government officials.

3)Mehmood khel They live in the village of Mera Umerzai The Mehmood khel of Umarzai are the descendants of Muhammad Umar khan (Umerzai).Bashir Khan Umerzai (former provincial minister) belong to this khel.his son shakeel bashir khan Umerzai is current(member of provincial assembly)

4) Oryazai(Pashto:اوریازے) live in Umerzai and Haji Khairullah Khan Mulyano kali Maira Umerzai.which are fully educated pashtoon men and women. there are also professional educated such as Dr.Inamullah Khan umarzai which has completed his professional education abroad.Most Oryazee are educated.

5) Taan Khanzai(Pashto:تانخان زے) is a sub-tribe of Umarzai(Muhammadzai) reside in Mohalla Taan Khanzai(Umarzai) and in the villages(Haji Saleem Khan Kaley and Malak Shireen Khan Kaley) of Maira Umarzai. They are noble,educated and take part in regional politics. Prominent Personality of this sub-tribe is Muhammad Riaz Khan from Malak Shireen Khan Kaley of Maira Umarzai(Ex-District Ameer Jamaat e Islami Charsadda) now (Current- District President of Al-Khidmat Foundation Charsadda). [1]


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