Umeå Institute of Design

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Umeå Institute of Design
Designhögskolan i Umeå
Established 1989
Type Public
Parent institution Umeå University
Academic staff 40
Students 150
Doctoral students 6
Location Umeå, Sweden
Campus Urban
Affiliations EUA
Website Umeå Institute of Design

The Umeå Institute of Design, UID, is an institute within Umeå University. UID opened in 1989 and is designed and equipped solely for the teaching of industrial design, transportation design, and interaction design. The Umeå Institute of Design is situated between the main Campus and Umeå city centre, as a part of the Umeå Arts Campus.

UID is the only Scandinavian school to have been listed on BusinessWeek's top 60 list of design schools in the world in all of the three listings (2006, 2007 and 2009),[1][2][3] and has also been named as one of the world's 18 excellent designs schools in 2010.[4] 2011 UID was ranked as the second-best design education in the region "Europa & the Americas" by red dot institute[5] and 2012 UID advanced to first place.[6]


Bachelor Programme[edit]

The Institute offers a three-year industrial design programme leading to a Bachelors degree (180 credits). (only in Swedish)

Masters Programmes[edit]

There are three internationally oriented and specialised two-year programmes leading to a Masters degree (120 credits). The three programmes are Advanced Product Design, Interaction Design and Transport Design.

One-year Courses[edit]

Two full-time, one-year courses are offered at UID, both given in English. Industrial Design Introduction (60 credits) is open for students with a previous education in any other academic field, who wish to specialise in the design field or prepare for future design studies. Design Connections (60 credits) is a specialisation course on master level, for students with a degree in industrial design.

Research and Doctoral Studies[edit]

The Institute also conducts applied research and development work within the Design Research Group and the Volvo Research Programme (SET). Since the autumn of 2001 the Institute of Design has offered doctoral studies in industrial design. (in English)

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