Umerkot District

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ضلعو عمرڪوٽ
Umerkot District
Map of Sindh with Umerkot District highlighted
Map of Sindh with Umerkot District highlighted
Country Pakistan
Province Sindh
Headquarters Umerkot
Population (2012)
 • Total 2,065,590
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Number of Tehsils 4
Website Umerkot Official webpage

Umerkot District or Umerkot District (Sindhi: ضلعو عمر ڪوٽ Urdu: ضِلع عُمركوٹ‎), is a district of Sindh province, Pakistan. The city of Umerkot is the capital of the district.


Sindhi and Dhatki also known as Thari, which is a Rajasthani language, is majority people's language, which is also the majority language of neighboring Thar parker district.


After the 1843 invasion by Charles Napier, Sindh was divided into provinces and was assigned a Zamindars, also known as Wadaras, to collect taxes for the British.


The district is administratively subdivided into the following talukas:[1]

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Coordinates: 25°22′12″N 69°43′48″E / 25.37000°N 69.73000°E / 25.37000; 69.73000