Una, Gujarat

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Una is located in Gujarat
Location in Gujarat, India
Coordinates: 20°49′N 71°02′E / 20.82°N 71.03°E / 20.82; 71.03Coordinates: 20°49′N 71°02′E / 20.82°N 71.03°E / 20.82; 71.03
Country  India
State Gujarat
District Gir Somnath
Elevation 14 m (46 ft)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 58,528
 • Official Gujarati, Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 362 560

Una is a city and a municipality in Gir Somnath district of the Saurashtra region in the state of Gujarat, India .


'Unatpur' anciently known as the land of Saints (ઋષી મુની) today is known as 'Una'.

From the ancient history and from the script of 'Skanda Purana' initially Una was known as Unatpur which is located at the banks of River 'Rishithoya' currently known as River 'Machchundri', in district Gir Somnath. In mythological saga (પૌરાણિક કાળ મા), Lord Shiva's idol (શિવલીંગ) was there at the banks of River Machchundri and at that place the saints were worshipping the idol' and did meditation (ધ્યાન,તપ) to attain immortality (અમરત્વ) for thousands of decades (દાયકાઓ). After seeing & realizing the faith in the worship & penance (તપશ્ચર્યાને) of these saints, Lord Shiva was rejoiced (પ્રસન્ન) and then asked Lord Vishwakarma to build a city (મહાનગર) at the banks of River Machchundri & with grace & blessings lord Shiva gifted Unatpur city to those saints & today it is now popularly known as Una in Saurashtra, Gujarat. These saints had progressed themselves with knowledge (વિદ્યા) & meditation & therefore from them the caste of Brahmins known as 'Uneval Brahmins' was formed from Una.

Under the guidance of Maharishi (મહર્ષિ) 'Gangadhar Oza' one of the saints from the caste of Uneval Brahmins, he appointed his son 'Tejbal Oza' as the first king of Unatpur near (અાસપાસ) 1300 A.D and Tejbal Oza started ruling (રાજ્ય કરવું) and administrating (વહીવટ) the kingdom of Unatpur now known as Una. After Tejbal oza the throne (રાજ,સિંહાસન) was passed to 'Devbal Oza' who built the 'Lake' which is in the heart of Una & is still found there today. He also build the temple of Goddess 'Kankeshwari' and the same ancient temple is present today too. The next king to ascend the throne was 'Narayanbal Oza' who built 'Ramaniya Ghat' on the banks of river Rishithoya today Machchundri river, for the welfare of the people. The next king to rule was 'Rajbal Oza' followed by 'Mahabal Oza' who build the temple of 'Lord Shiva' which is still present today. Further the next king 'Veerbal Oza' also worked for the welfare of people. The next king to ascend the throne was 'Sombal Oza' who extended (વિસ્તાર ફેલાવો) to kingdom of Unatpur now known as Una. The last king from Uneval brahmins was 'Chandrabal Oza' who was smartest among all the kings who expanded the kingdom made sure to enrich the heritage (વારસો) built by his ancestors (પૂર્વજો).

Later Una was attacked by 'Rajput King Vejal Vaja' with his soldiers and destroyed & captured Una by killing King Chandrabal Oza with hundreds of his brahmins on their hindu festival 'Raksha Bandhan' (બળૈવ) at Gupt Prayag tirth near Una. Then hundreds of Brahmins widows (વિધવા) with King's wife Sudhiradevi became Sati after the painful incident. At that time Brahmins people had built Hero stones (પાળીચા) for worship, in memory (યાદ મા) of King Chandrabal Oza & his wife Sudhiradevi & hundreds of Brahmins & their wives who died at & after the Gupt prayag tirth incident near Una, amongst them some of the Hero stones at Gupt prayag tirth are still present today. Later Nawabs attacked and captured Una from King Vejal Vaja and ruled for some years and later Solanki dynasty came and ruled and it went on further with many kingdom. Today the ancient heritage of Una is protected by the government of Gujarat.

In ancient time it is said in poetic verse (કવીદંતી) that "ઉના,પૂના અનૅ ગઢ જૂના એ ત્રણૅચ જૂના" which means that Una in Gujarat, Pune in Maharashtra & Junagadh in Gujarat are old among all the cities in Gujarat & Maharashtra.

There is a tower built by 'Tribhovandas parekh' in centre of the Una city which is famous by Tribhovandas parekh tower. Today's Una extended and formed in Una city, Una is main city under Gir Somnath district of saurashtra region in Gujarat, and is giving sheds to many of the castes like Brahmins, Vaishnav, Kolis, Muslims, Sindhis, Jains, etc.


Una is located on the bank of Machchundri river. It has an average elevation of 14 metres (46 feet). Kodinar is located on the west, Diu is on the south. Una has highest number of villages compare to other Talukas in Gujarat.


As per 2011 India census,[2] Una had a population of 130000. Males constitute 51% of the population and females 49%. In Una, 14% of the population is under 6 years of age.

Una has an average literacy rate of 67%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 74%, and female literacy is 59%.

Una is the biggest taluka in Gir Somnath District in number of villages.

Some villages are:

  • Dhokadava, Delwada,Sultanpur, Sanvav, Garal, Motha, Sankhada, Kajard,Simar, Navabandar, Vadaviyala, Girgadhada, Dron, Bediya, Sanakhda, Samter, Bhacha, Umej, Khilwad, Gundala, Kesariya, Kob, Tad, Paldi, Olwan, Vansoj, Fulka, Intvaya, Fatsar, Zudvadli, Untwada, Jaragli, Jamwala, Jasadhar, Naliyery Moli, Umedpura, Varsingpur, Simasi, Kansari, Kalapan,Gangada, Khatriwada, Nathal, Amodra, Thordi ,Sanjavapur, Simar, Nathej, Yajpur, Rameshvar, Kandhi, Khapat etc.

Una is a perfect blend of people such as Brahmins, Patels, Kolis and businessmen such as Baniyas, Lohanas, Sindhis etc. Since the town is a purchase hub of so many surrounding villages, it has variety of things available which other towns may not.


Una is situated on the national highway No. 8 E. This highway connects Bhavnagar with Somnath.

The city is well connected to other major cities of Gujarat such as Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Junagadh and Bhavnagar etc. & Mumbai by Bus services operated by state-owned transport corporations and private services. Daily bus services available for Mumbai by state-owned transport corporations and private bus operators. Good transportation service is available for Diu, as it is one of the famous & popular tourist place.Diu is the nearest city having air transportation.Diu is 15 km far away from Una.

Una is also connected with Veraval & Junagadh by train service.


  • Tribhovandas parekh tower chowk is the centre of the Una city.
  • Shivaji park public garden & Hira lake public garden.
  • Ahmedpur mandvi beach is also a beautiful place to visit.
  • Jamjir waterfall at Jamvala (Gir) is very nice & wonderful place to visit.
  • Machundri dam is also place to visit in rainy season.
  • Gir national park Home of asiatic lions.


  • Mahakaleshwar Mahadev Temple.
  • Kankeshwari Mata Temple.
  • Modeshwar Mahadev Temple.
  • Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple.
  • Tapovan Temple of Hanumanji.
  • Gayatri Temple.
  • Swaminarayan Temple.
  • Haveli.
  • Pauranik Talav (Ancient Lake).
  • Gupt Prayag Tirth at Delwada near Una.
  • Annapurna Ashram at Dhokadava near Una.
  • Droneshwar Mahadev Temple at Dron near Una.
  • Tulsishyam famous for Temple of Krishna, and with 3 Hot water springs there, situated in middle of Gir forest near Una.
  • Bhim Chas this is historical place situated in middle of Gir forest near Una.
  • Banej Temple of Mahadev in middle of Gir forest near Una.
  • Tapkeshwar Mahadev at Fareda in Gir near Una.
  • Pataleshwar Mahadev at babariya in Gir near Una.
  • Khodiyar Mata Temple at Chikhala nes in Gir near Una.
  • Hanuman Temple at Vajdi near Una.
  • Jagjivandas Bapu Ashram at Simar near Una .
  • Dudhnath Mahadev Temple at Motha near Una.
  • Khodiyar Mata Temple at Amodra near Una.
  • Rudreshwar Mahadev (Arithiya)

Public Life[edit]

People of different religions live in Una. People speak Gujarati [Kathiawari] language. Some people also speak other languages like Hindi, Sindhi, Kutchi.

Medical Institutes[edit]

There are many hospitals & clinics in una.

  • Community Health Center
  • Primary Health Centre Dhokadava
  • Homoeopathic Clinic at Mehta Hospital (Dr.Dhaval Shah).


  • Una's economy is mostly of agriculture. Coastal ports provide good revenue like Nava bandar, Saiyad rajpara, Vanakbara and Dhara bandar.
  • Una is also "the biggest Limestone supplier" in Gujarat state, the Limestone business grabs revenue of nearly 80-90 crores per month.
  • Una is known for its Kesar Mango Farms too & Una and Diu has plenty branching Palm trees called "Hokka" Hyphaene Indica which are found nowhere else in the country.


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