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Not to be confused with Mad Uncle Jack.
For the book accusing Sir John Williams of being Jack the Ripper, see Uncle Jack (book).
Uncle Jack
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of series 4
No. of episodes 24
Running time 25 minutes
Original channel BBC1
Original run 4 October 1990 – 4 November 1993

Uncle Jack was a children's TV show which aired on BBC1 in the early 1990s. The show's hero, Jack Green, and his family are on a mission to save the planet. Jack Green's nemesis was a woman who was only known as The Vixen who would be planning on overtaking the world.

Uncle Jack ran for four series; each had an environmental message:

  • Uncle Jack and Operation Green
  • Uncle Jack and the Loch Noch Monster
  • Uncle Jack and the Dark Side of the Moon
  • Uncle Jack and Cleopatra's Mummy


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