Uncommon Women and Others

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For the TV film, see Uncommon Women and Others (film).
Uncommon Women and Others
Written by Wendy Wasserstein
Characters Leilah
Rita Altabel
Kate Quin
Muffet DiNicola
Samantha Stewart
Holly Kaplan
Mrs. Plumm
Susie Friend
Narrator (voice)
Setting A restaurant in 1978 and Mount Holyoke College in 1972-1973

Uncommon Women and Others (1977), is the first play by noted 20th century American playwright Wendy Wasserstein.

1977 Off-Broadway debut[edit]

The play premiered Off-Broadway in a Phoenix Theatre production on November 21, 1977 and closed on December 4, 1977 after 22 performances. It was directed by Steven Robman and performed at the Marymount Manhattan Theatre, New York.

Characters and stage cast[edit]

Plot summary[edit]

Alumnae of Mount Holyoke College (Wasserstein's alma mater) meet for lunch one day in 1978 and talk about their time together in college. The play is thus a series of flashbacks to the 1972-1973 school year as seven seniors and one freshman try to "discover themselves" in the wake of second-wave feminism.


A made-for-television film was broadcast in 1978, with all of the stage cast reprising their roles, except that Meryl Streep played Leilah.


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