Under Feet Like Ours

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Under Feet Like Ours
Studio album by Tegan and Sara
Released 1999
Genre Indie rock
Length 40:02
Label Plunk Records
Tegan and Sara chronology
Under Feet Like Ours
This Business of Art

Under Feet Like Ours is a studio album published independently by the Canadian singer-songwriters Tegan and Sara. It was originally launched under 'Sara and Tegan' in limited quantities in 1999, and was re-edited under 'Tegan and Sara'. It was re-released again in 2001 with the bonus track "Frozen" from This Business of Art.[1]

On the cover, Sara is wearing red clothes and Tegan purple-ish ones.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Divided"   Tegan Quin 3:04
2. "Our Trees"   T. Quin 3:47
3. "Come On"   Sara Quin 4:05
4. "Freedom"   T. Quin 2:15
5. "Proud"   S. Quin 2:48
6. "More for Me"   T. Quin 3:44
7. "Hype"   S. Quin 3:05
8. "Clever Meals"   T. Quin 3:18
9. "This Is Everything"   T. Quin 3:09
10. "Heavy"   S. Quin 4:18
11. "Welcome Home"   T. Quin 2:34
12. "Superstar"   T. Quin 3:50
13. "Bye!"     0:05